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Specialty Pharmacy

Initiate Prescription for Specialty Medication: 
Enrollment Form (preferred) sent via fax to 844-786-9705. Alternatively, E-Rx sent to Mainline Pharmacy, or Hard Copy given to the Patient.

Benefits Investigation:
Mainline Pharmacy Specialty Care Team will investigate Rx coverage. Prescriber will receive communication of the results of investigation.

Prior Authorization:
Up to 90% of all specialty medications will require a Prior Authorization. Mainline Pharmacy Specialty Care will prepare and process all PA forms.

Appeal Letter:
If Prior Authorization is denied, Mainline Pharmacy Specialty Care’s team of Clinical Pharmacists will prepare a detailed appeal letter for the prescriber’s review.


Co-Pay assistance:
Mainline Pharmacy Specialty Care will research and enroll the patient in all available Co-pay assistance programs, reducing or eliminating the patient’s copay.

Medication Dispensed, Education and Training:
Mainline Pharmacy Specialty Care will dispense the medication directly to the patient. Pharmacists will provide injection training, education, and ongoing patient support.

Compliance Monitoring:
Mainline Pharmacy Specialty Care’s Team will monitor for patient compliance. Refill reminders, follow-up communication, and monitoring for outcomes.

Prescriber Updates, Communication, and Resources:
Consistent communication from Mainline Pharmacy Specialty Care team on every prescription and for each patient. Our team is here to help you!