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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have to pay for my COVID vaccine?

No, your COVID vaccine is paid for by the government


Why do you need my insurance information/Medicare Number/Social Security Number if I am not being charged for the vaccine?

A small administration fee is billed to your Medicare or your insurance to help cover the costs associated with administering your vaccine. If you are uninsured, the government will pay your administration fee.


What do I need to bring to my appointment?

  • If at all possible, please bring a consent form for each person that is completely filled out (if you don’t have a printer, there will be some available at the clinic.)
  • Red, white, and blue Medicare Card (if you have Medicare)
  • All other insurance cards
  • Photo ID


Do I need to fill out another consent form for my 2nd dose?



Do I need to get on the waitlist again for my second dose?

No, you will be scheduled for your second dose at your first dose appointment


Are consent forms available at the clinic?

Yes, but please print and fill one out ahead of time if you are able to.


I need to cancel my appointment. How do I cancel?

Click cancel on your email confirmation


The clinic location that I want to go to is full

You may choose to wait for additional clinics to come available however your password will expire within a few days and there are no guarantees for future clinic sites/dates.


Can I give my appointment to someone else?



I am already scheduled but I got another call with a password

Please disregard duplicate calls. We may make several calls to ensure that everyone gets a chance to schedule an appointment.


What if I have multiple family members/friends that I signed up to be on the waiting list?

Once the appointment is scheduled go back to the homepage on the website to enter a second person, etc. Your password will allow you to make an appointment for each person that you put on the waiting list. For example, If you requested for yourself and your husband, you can use the same password for both of you.


I am scheduling on a cell phone or tablet and I can’t find the COVID-19 tab

Click on the 3 “lines” as below to access the COVID-19 tab