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Benefits of EZPak.

Enhanced Safety: Each EZPak blister is color-coded to represent different dosage times. Because medication is administered directly from the EZPak blister, you can be assured that if the blister is open you have already taken the right dose for the allotted time.

Increased Portability: Each EZPak blister is easily detachable which allows you to take only the medications that you need when you go out for the day, take short trips or leave your room to take breakfast with friends. This eliminates the need to carry bulky blister cards and makes taking medications more discreet.

Ease of Administration: The EZPak blister eliminates the step of transferring your medications to a cup because you can take your medications directly from the blister.

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Why deal with THIS!?!?
Why deal with THIS!?!?
When you could have THIS...for FREE!!!
When you could have THIS…for FREE!!!

Check out a Sample Video of what Dispill/EZPak provided to you FREE by Mainline Pharmacy can do for you, today!